Advance Pill Dispenser

For those who forget to take their medication.

The Advance Pill Dispenser will sound an alarm when it is time for the user to take their medication - if the pills are not taken from the dispenser within a preset period an alarm call will be transmitted. The Pill Dispenser will make the correct dosage available at the correct time each day whilst keeping the others locked out of sight.Pills "ready" and pills "taken" times are also transmitted and logged

Features include

  • 1 to 28 day capacity - 1 to 28 doses per day
  • Improved Security - a self-locking shutter over the lid opening prevents access to the medication tray except at the time that medication is programmed to be available. This prevents the possibility of double dosing or the forced movement of the medication tray by the user
  • The LCD display will be visible though the lid allowing the user and carer to view: the date and time, the time that the next dose is due, the number of doses remaining, the battery level
  • Lockable lid (supplied with 2 keys)
  • Audible alarm & flashing LED when pills "ready"
  • Self Test mode for easy registration
  • 12 months battery life (typical)
  • 4 user replaceable AA batteries
  • Daily battery self test & low battery reporting
  • Dimensions: 180mm diameter x 50mm deep
  • Weight: 490 grams (empty)
  • Compatible with Reach, Reach plus, SayPhone v2, SayPhone 21, Advent xt & Altec Response