Pressure Mat

Detect unauthorised movement and alert a carer for assistance.

The Pressure Mat should be positioned under the carpet or rug, monitoring periods are set on the Sensor Controller and a Remote Controlled Mains Switchers Kit is required. When the person steps on the mat a local lamp will turn on, a Carers lamp & buzzer will turn on and the Sensor Controller will beep every 2 seconds. The Carer must attend and cancel the call within a preset period otherwise an alarm call will be transmitted.

All mat activations are transmitted and logged.

Features include

  • Pressure mat dimensions: 520 x 400 mm
  • 2 metre lead with locking plug-in connector
  • Double adapter available for 2 mats per dwelling
  • Up to 6 monitoring periods per day
  • Pressure Mat Part No. ZCS857
  • Compatible with Tynetec Sensor Controller