Big Button Switch

Tabletop adjustable pressure switch for those who need to raise an emergency alarm call.

The Big Button switch is a free-standing unit which can be placed on a tabletop within reach of the user. An emergency alarm call can be made by pressing the button. Simply rotate the cover to increase or decrease the actuation pressure.

Features include

  • Large momentary action pushbutton
  • Adjustable actuation pressure (from 200g to 1.5Kg)
  • 15 preset positions
  • 5 years battery life (typical)
  • Daily battery self test & low battery reporting
  • Dimensions: 130mm diameter x 40mm high
  • Weight: 250 grams
  • Range: 75 metres (typical)
  • Big Button Callpoint Part No. ZXT439
  • Compatible with Reach, Reach plus, SayPhone v2, SayPhone 21, Advent xt & Altec Response