Smoke Detector

For those who want immediate assistance when there’s a threat of fire.

Smoke Detectors should be ceiling mounted in hallways, living rooms or bedrooms, they are not suitable for the kitchen or bathroom. When activated a local alarm will sound and an alarm call will be transmitted. The Control Centre or Local Manager can speak with the resident and assess the risk before contacting the Emergency Services.

Features include

  • Photoelectric sensor / 85 dB sounder
  • Hush/Test button & status LED indicator
  • 10 years detector life (inc battery)
  • Daily battery self test & low battery reporting
  • Dimensions: 86mm diameter x 58mm deep
  • Complies with BS EN 14604:2005 / Smoke Detector
  • Part No. ZXT420
  • Compatible with Reach, Reach plus, SayPhone v2, SayPhone 21, Advent xt & Altec Response